Thursday, January 19, 2006

Last Day to Vote in Round One!

NOTE 1/19: Today is the last day to vote in the first round of the JIBs! As long as you have not voted in the last 2 days, you may vote again today. While you're there, look around, see the other blogs. That's what this is really all about anyway... that and a little fun. Thanks again to Dave from IsraellyCool for conceiving this idea. While SerandEz is likely to be eliminated (in every category - ouch!), I will still be writing about and checking on the JIBs to see what's happening and find some more great blogs.

Look either below or in the sidebar - the categories I've already analyzed are listed. Up so far:
The Nominees..., Best Post - The List, Best Post - The Good, Best Post - The Better, Best Post - The Best, Best Designed Blog, Best Life In Israel Blog (Group A), Best Jewish Humor Blog (Group B), Best Jewish Humor Blog (Group A), Best Series (Group B).
SerandEz is nominated in 5 categories:
  • Best Overall Blog
  • Best New Blog
  • Best Political Blog
  • Best Series: Crazy Shabbos
  • Best Post: Welcome to the (J-) Blogosphere
  • Technorati tags: , , , , .


    1. you kids take this way to seriosuly!

    2. I voted for you in every category that we weren't in together.

      More than once, which is more than I can say for you!

    3. Robbie, we're not in ANY categories together! :) You can vote in both groups!

    4. Sorry, but I don't have time, spent too much on it last year. But good luck.

    5. But then if you move on, we would be...


    6. LOL, Robbie. Don't like friendly competition? ;) See, now that would be a great reason to vote for me: Clearly, I don't get that many voters. You'd rather have me in than out! :P

      (Honestly, I just think it's all fun - I never expected to win, especially once I saw what blogs were against me. But it's nice to see that I got a few dozen votes anyway!)

    7. I decided that my vote actually doesn't count... at least it doesn't if my husband also voted from home in the last 3 days. (Since they said they check IP addresses, and we have a static IP) So I gave up on voting. Good luck anyway.

    8. That's why Serach couldn't vote for me. Not that she would have, anyway... :)