Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Check This Out

Puck Fomona, a Democrat over at the InterGalacticJester, gave a list of 10 ideas for the Democratic Party to get out of their shell as the "party of no ideas" called the "Democratic Contract with America." It's actually decent, and I gave my opinions in the comments. I plan on writing more on this later, I have to run out for now - let me know what you think (here or there)!


  1. what about stop bashing Bush and close up the borders?

  2. Well, these guys (generally) don't bash Bush, and they posted recently on the borders - but I'm not sure if that rates as a "Top Ten" concern.

    Seriously, go over there and see what has been written so far: Write what you think is missing that is a major issue that most people would agree needs to be addressed.