Wednesday, January 04, 2006

JIB Awards 2005: Best Post Nominees - The Good

The Good:
LamedZayin's A Thanksgiving Thought is both cute, funny, and different (it's a cartoon), but it won't be enough to carry it on to the next round.

Aaron's CC's Explaining Sharon's Gaza is solid, cutting, and an excellent analysis - but its length and long quoting from articles will be its downfall. A post can be long and be great - but this is too long with too much filler to push it into the finals.

Palestinian Chaos by Apropos of Nothing is smart, and makes a point many conservatives in general have made, albeit not as thoroughly as AoN does here. It's a very good post, but it's too much like most other solid blog posts with good analysis, and takes a bit long to get there.

BGG.con's Thursday, October 27th is a post everyone can relate to: Until he tosses in an aside about seeing a plane engulfed in flames. Yet, his ability to pass by this as a minor event is another example of the slight humor expressed throughout this post that has the reader empathize with his frustration.

Elie asks why Aaron was not inscribed in the Book of Life in And Who an Untimely End - a heart-breaking post about Unesaneh Tokef and his lost son. He will likely get more attention for the series as a whole than any of the individual posts, though. It's hard to pick a 'best' post from such a heart-breaking series, especially when they flow one into the next.

Rahel's lament about poor treatment in Bad Behavior is Kosher is good, but readers won't relate to it enough to give it much better treatment.

FindlayOsborn's dissection of the Jews Behaving Badly is sharp, but won't draw much more than agreeing nods.

Jew-Zoo's hilarious picture and caption in Product Placement will gets lots of laughs, but few votes.

Kesher Talk's discussion of kinnos in Poetry Pierces the Iron Curtain is a wonderful gathering of much of the best of Tisha B'Av (hence its other name, Tisha B'Av Blogburst), but a gathering of other ideas is often too difficult to form into one great post. Judith actually pulls off quite a good job - but it won't pull it into the finals.

Kumah's photo-post trek to Kever Rochel is very nice and inspiring in Kumah Visits Our Mother. It makes me want to go - but it doesn't make me vote Kumah.

Mah Rabu's analysis of the stages of Jewish pluralism is extremely well laid-out, explaining each stage clearly and analyzing why communities leave each one. Taxonomy of Jewish Pluralism is wonderfully interesting, but it's not walking away with any awards.

Modern Orthodox Woman discusses the good and bad in children's books in Finding Mussar In Children's Books. She points out that the little habits we would never want our children to learn are often all too obvious in some classic books.

Point of Pinchas photo-blogged a trek of many people to the Gush Katif protests. Gush Katif Protests, Where Was Everybody? is a wonderful story of perseverance and dedication by those standing up for what they believe in.

TBIFOC's Thank You reminds us that even a simple, cheap collar can hold so much more meaning than just how nice it might look on a cat.

Yeshayah's Debating the Demography Question is an interesting lesson in history and demographics, and calls for patience in creating a solution.

Yo, Yenta! gives a nice history lesson about Melungeons and their relationship to Jews escaping from the anti-Semitism of old Europe. The Jews of Appalachia is fascinating in its own right.
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  1. BGG.con's Thursday, October 27th is a post everyone can relate to: Until he tosses in an aside about seeing a plane engulfed in flames.

    I calls 'em as I sees 'em. For what it's worth, I think the plane was being burnt on purpose for some reason, but I still can't fathom why.

    As a side note, my blog's name is Yehuda. For some reason they wrote the name of my blog as BGG.con is the name of the game convention I attended ("con" with an "n", not "com" with an "m"), and it was part of the name of the post, not part of my blog name. I asked them to correct it and it now shows me as BGG.con/Yehuda. It looks like I am sharing writing credits with a game convention.


  2. The toss in of the plane in flames I thought was a really great touch/writing style. Sorry about the name - I was just taking from them. I was wondering if you were a big computer games person or something.

    I'll change it later when I get a chance b'ah.

  3. I was wondering if you were a big computer games person or something.

    Hee. No, board games. You might like to read a different post I wrote this week:

    You mean, like Merlot?

  4. Thanks, I appreciate the compliment.
    While I didn't progress as you foretold, it was fun to be a part of it all.