Friday, January 06, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 1/6; Important for Windows users

Before anything else, Microsoft has a new patch out for Windows that you need so your computer doesn't get completely ruined because of its discovered vulnerability. Basil has the details.

Thanks to those who such as Irina, David, and others who submit posts they see around the blogosphere that I otherwise wouldn't... everyone else is welcome to do the same!

Quick note to Treppenwitz fans... he's moving to, so update your blogrolls!

I am not going to link to anything about Arik Sharon, who should be blessed with a speedy refuah shleimah. There are many others who have far more comprehensive links with all the details about what happened, speculation on his health, discussion about Ehud Olmert, and speculation on the future of the State of Israel. The best two I've seen are SoccerDad & KesherTalk. I am going to wait a bit and see how things begin to shape up before I write about the future.

And now, on to today's roundup:

*Post of the Day*
Elder of Ziyon tells a tale in 2,000 words - though it will take you just moments to read Democracy in Action.
United States:
A judge gave a man who raped a girl many times over a four-year period, starting when she was just seven years old, a grand verdict of 60 DAYS in jail - because he "doesn't think punishment works". James Taranto and CWY have ideas about this one.

The unemployment rate is at a 5-year low, having withstood the impact of the hurricanes (via Instapundit).

One man who may still be unemployed is the man the re-born Hasidic Rebel spoke to in Union Square. I've never read HR before, but after reading a few posts, I see why he was so popular.
Mystery & Danger:
Jameel notes what a number of us [not him] have in common. Can you guess what it is? (Answer in the comments!) He also discusses exposing his kids to danger, and why it's perfectly fine to him.
PsychoToddler wishes he had a laughtrack.

Stacey's Mom... & Dad hit a wonderful milestone.
The Godol Hador has the very important questions ready for R' Aharon Lichtenstein on B'Reishis, along with a response to R' Shlomo Miller's article on the Slifkin affair.

ADDeRabbi discusses where God lives at Maven Yavin.

Hirhurim discusses what Jews can and can't read.

Blogs of Zion discusses how Hanukkah relates to us nowadays; and what me must do to have our own candles rise from 1 to 8.

Shira wonders why some people think non-Jews are below us.
Irina explains her new design.

Jack thinks we should stop campaigning and get back to blogging.
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  1. Ezzie: Give me a break! Perfectly fine exposing kids to danger?!

    I guess we just define danger differently...

    (And "mystery" as a headline? you need a new copywriter :)

  2. Oh Jameel - I rewrote the danger line a few times, because it sounded bad - but it's your title!!

    And I couldn't think of the word Trivia or anything like it at the time. :)

  3. You can email me next time for a better title. Such as: Why is the entire blogosphere going to the Muqata site? Or, Free Beer.

    Both should work.

  4. Thanks for the credit and the compliment (and the links :-), but the blogger who has been all over Sharon's condition is Mere Rhetoric.

  5. Oh and I really appreciate that Microsoft Update. I left blogging to sleep and forgot to save my work.
    I come back and learn that Microsoft took care of updating and rebooting my computer while I was gone.
    I'm happy :-(

  6. Jameel - LOL. Not my fault you were sleeping...

    David - I know, I linked to him below. I meant I'm linking to the linkers; he's doing the best summaries, though.

  7. OOh, thanks for the link. And for the Microsoft update. Must. Save. My. Computer. NOW!