Monday, January 30, 2006

Condi & Hamas, Cindy & the Senate, and Alito & ABC VP's

(Hat tips: Mom & Michelle Malkin)

A collection of thoughts, while perusing what's out there today...

Condi & Hamas

Condoleeza Rice and the US State Department are completely surprised that Hamas won. Granted, even Hamas was surprised: But come on, is this really such a surprise?! Nobody in the State Department recognized this possibility?
"I've asked why nobody saw it coming," Ms. Rice said, speaking of her own staff. "It does say something about us not having a good enough pulse."
You don't say...

At least she's making up for it somewhat, though we'll see how long this lasts, and whether the EU and UN cooperate:
The United States wants other nations to cut off aid to a Hamas-led Palestinian government, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said ahead of an international strategy session on Mideast peace prospects. Rice ruled out any U.S. financial assistance to a Hamas government.

"The United States is not prepared to fund an organization that advocates the destruction of Israel, that advocates violence and that refuses its obligations," under an international framework for eventual Mideast peace, Rice said.

Cindy and the Senate

There is now a "Cindy for Senate" blog. Go check it out, and click that she should run. It will be incredibly amusing.

ABC VP's and an Alito filibuster

From OnTap:
Friday afternoon I received one of those forwarded emails from a buddy of mine. The subject: asking people to sign on to John Kerry’s petition to filibuster Sam Alito.

The email was started by a, with the message “forward away, my liberal friends”. One of those who received the message was a guy named David Kaufman, a Vice President of Affiliate Relations for ABC Radio. He forwarded on the email with his own message: “Help stop the craziness!”

Oh yeah, one more thing. He forwarded the message from his email account. I contacted Mr. Kaufman by email and asked him if he would like to comment. I received a reply this morning telling me no.

Now, this raises an interesting conversation. Sean Hannity, employed by ABC Radio, could certainly say, while on the job, “You should not support this filibuster.” Mark Levin, while on the job, could say the same thing. Should Dave Kaufman be able to say the opposite while he’s on the job?
Read the whole thing.


  1. Condi didn't see it coming. What a bunch of bulls**t. I guess our moderate peace-loving Palestinian neighbors chose Hamas solely for their social programs. How could they know that Hamas kills innocent people? It wasn't part of their (English) platform.

  2. I really can't understand how nobody thought of this. I mean... geez!

  3. Condi didn't see this coming? Condi didn't seem impressed enough by pre-9/11 intelligence regarding the Al-Qaeda threat? And this is the woman the republicans and others on the right are attempting to draft into a run for the presidency of this country? It's simply amazing that someone who has been on the wrong side of pre 9/11 intelligence, and didn't see a Hamas victory waiting in the wings, is given any credibility. Nothing she seems to have ever touched in Washington is left with anything but the fingerprint of incompetence.

  4. But even Israel kept predicting a slim Fatah majority. :(

  5. True... but it's weird nobody even considered this.