Thursday, January 12, 2006

Best Life-In-Israel Blog (Group A)

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This group is a bit tricky, as I don't read most of them, and have not even heard of a few of them... but I'll give it a shot:
AbbaGav is a blog I've seen more and more lately. He's funny, he's clever, and he's got a great eye for details. I'm not sure how he's a Life in Israel blog, though I guess politics is life in Israel. I'm definitely becoming a fan, though - if I weren't so hestitant to add more blogs to my roll, this would get serious consideration.

AmEchad seems to focus more on the economic side of Israel, though there's a bit more "Life in Israel" here from what I glanced at. I have never seen this before, however, so I can't say much about it. Looks decent at the least - he links to good articles a lot.

Balagan is a young Brazilian-turned-Israeli who definitely qualifies for Life in Israel. The name of the blog definitely suits it - not in a bad way. Accurate description of the crazy Israeli lifestyle, avoiding for the most part the messy politics. Never seen this one before either.

Chayyei Sarah is a blog I have come across a few times - and it's really good. I guess it's because it's so obviously from the heart, but uplifting even when it's sad. It's also a great description of life in Israel, like mysterious objects being tossed into yards and returning lost objects (or taking ones that aren't). The only thing to complain about is her template :::shudder:::. Another want-to-add-but-do-I-ever-want-to-have-a-real-life blog.

Faith in Nathan is another blog I've never seen before. Based on his blogroll, I'd have to say staunch Zionist who is big on Aliyah. Well, that's good, at least. Seems to blog in spurts, and covers quite a bit in those spurts. Self-proclaimed news junkie - that's super-Israeli!

Gila's Big Adventure is exactly as it sounds: The stories of Gila's life. She doesn't post too often, and the last few all seem to revolve around Australia, but glancing randomly shows her describing life there in interesting fashion. Never seen this one before, either.

IfYouWillIt has been on my blogroll for a while - and with good reason. He's interesting, talking about life in Israel and the transitions a recent oleh faces; and mixes it with a bit about Israel itself. Plus, he watches 24, and that automatically makes him awesome. [3 days!!!] He also got my first vote in this category.

JeruGuru is... different. Focusing primarily on the dating aspect of Israeli life, his descriptions and introspections are quite deep. I've read it a couple of times, and his writing definitely draws you in. Worth checking out, though the more religious may not like some of it. Choppy writing style, but it fits perfectly with what he writes, which is why it's such a draw.

JoeSettler is another blog that's been on my blogroll for a bit. I found him through a couple other Israeli blogs, and his excellent analysis of the political scene (without usually getting caught up in rhetoric or bias) brings you back. Excellent blog, though more political than life...

Judenstadt is a definite life in Israel blog I've never seen before. It seems decent as well, alternating between life and Israeli culture from the posts I skimmed. Lots of good pics, something that most of the other blogs in this category don't really have.
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  1. check mine out as well..

  2. Thanks for the review, very kind words. You've put in some hard work to review this many blogs. I'm not sure why I'm a life in Israel blog either, must be an artifact of whatever I was writing about on the day someone thought to nominate me.

    I wish I could watch 24 as well. We need someone to invent more hours in the day so there's enough left over for good tv and good blogs, but then they'd have to call it 26 and it just wouldn't be the same.

  3. Rafi G - Ironic that you're not in, I guess...

    Gavriel - Thanks. Amen - I just saw the prequel for season 5, and I'm pumped.

  4. Thanks for the nice review. I appreciate it.

  5. You are very welcome. Great blog.