Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Hillary Clinton: Conservative

According to 12% of a poll conducted by Gallup, CNN, and the USAToday. I'm not kidding. Now, let's think about this: 51% say she's liberal; one would have to assume that includes most conservatives and some moderates and liberals. 32% say she's moderate; that likely includes the remainder of conservatives and most moderates and liberals. 5% say "other" - I have no clue what that means; and 12% say she's conservative.

Now, who would call Hillary Clinton conservative? Conservatives? Never. Moderates? No. Most Democrats? Nope. The only answer I can think of is the far-left fringe of this country, made up of the most extreme liberals. This group now makes up twelve percent of this country!? Even if the sampling for the poll were terrible, and you take into account the +/-3%, you'd have to assume that about one in ten Americans honestly think Hillary Clinton is conservative. That's crazy. Has the far-left really become so delusional?

Apparently, it has.

As a note, I'd love to see more polls like this. How about more questions that the answers are pretty obvious to, such as "Did President Bush orchestrate 9/11?" "Does Hamas call for the destruction of Israel?" "Who would you like to see in prison more: Bush or Bin Laden?" and the like. When Americans see what percentage answers those questions like complete idiots, they will know to discount the left by that amount in every subsequent poll.

(Hat tip: Ian Schwartz)


  1. same as the ultra neo cons who call rudy the liberal he really is!

  2. For a Democrat, she's definitely conservative. She won't take a strong opposition to the war, she opposes gay marriage, and she's a fiscal moderate/conservative. (Her husband, who has a longer record, was certainly a fiscal conservative.) Unless you believe that a conservative can never, ever raise taxes regardless of how deeply into debt the nation is spiraling.

    Basically, her only liberal stances are on health care and abortion, and with abortion, she claims to be "anti-abortion" while believing it should remain legal since criminalizing it just makes it worse.

  3. Rudy's not liberal; he's moderate. He's liberal on certain issues, maybe - but that wouldn't make him a liberal.

    JA - First, welcome. Pleasure to have you comment here...

    But everything you said proved the point: "For a Democrat, she's conservative." Sure - but that's not a conservative, that's a moderate Democrat.

    She won't take a strong opposition to the war

    That makes her conservative? No. That puts her in line with most Americans. Not being far-left liberal does not make her conservative.

    I don't see her as fiscally conservative, nor her husband. They seem somewhere in the middle. (And, seeing as how decreasing taxes does boost the economy, as noted here about a month ago, raising taxes, which is against most conservative economic belief, would make him not fiscally conservative. Then again, Bush's spending is equally against fiscal conservatism.)

    She doesn't seem to have any conservative policies, and she's clearly a staunch Democrat. I don't think she's near the far-left of the party, and her double-talk on issues like abortion is politically savvy (though it might cost her when she's in debates). But that's a far cry from a conservative.

  4. Telling it like it is - JA just described but could have been describing pro choice RUDY.

  5. Which makes him a moderate, much like her...

  6. Thanks for the welcome, Ezzie. :)

    I think we agree, she's a moderate overall, but conservative for a Democrat.

  7. That 12% is probably made up of very ignorant Americans more than anything else.

  8. It might also be because she has been kissing ass to conversatives as a political move to seem a centrist...look a Bill snuggling up to George Senior. She needs the right in order to make a run at the I'm sure to ultra-liberals she seems conversative...

  9. I for one would like to see Bin Laden dead... but hey, I'm cruel like that.

  10. JA - Yes, I think we do. It's the poll that troubled me...

    Eli7 - Sadly true.

    Akira - Granted, but she's still not a conservative. They'd have to be really on the fringe to think that.

    Irina - Amen! I chose prison over death, because usually the cries I hear are impeach Bush, not assasinate.

  11. Bush's spending is troubling, particularly to conservatives, for exactly the reasons you mention - it's not at all conservative. But he clearly feels conservative policies are the proper tack to take, and I think a very high percentage would (correctly) label him a conservative. I'm not saying that people can't have policies that are both liberal and conservative; I just find it odd to see Hilary Clinton referred to as one.

  12. 'Rudy's not liberal; he's moderate'

    True story:

    I happened to spend an afternoon once in Oxford, Mississippi. A couple found out where I was from and started telling me how wonderful a job Rudy Giuliani was doing as mayor, and how it showed that Republicans are so much more effective than Democrats. I was tempted to tell them about one time Republican John Lindsay, but instead mentioned that Giuliani wasn't particularly shy about spending money (he left the city with a multi-billion budget shortfall) and that his positions on abortion and gay rights were not typical Republican positions (at least for Mississippi). They still tried to defend him until I told him about his position on gun control. At that point they concluded I had to be lying and ended the conversation.

    If there is ever a Presidential election in which the Republicans nominate Giulani and the Democrats nominate Howard Dean, the National Rifle Association will put all its energy into electing Dean.

  13. Oops a typo:

    Giuliani, not Giulani. I regret the error.

  14. 'she opposes gay marriage'

    Our Republican mayor, Mike Bloomberg, supports gay marriage. What is going on here?

  15. The joke about Bloomberg is he could never pass for a Republican west of 8th Ave.

  16. Guiliani was also much tougher on crime; seems to be very right-wing on defense; and economically conservative. I would not want him as President, though, if I had the choice - I'd take Condi in a heartbeat.

    He's better than Hillary, though...