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JIB Awards 2005: Best Series Nominees (Group B)

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Oh, wow. I know I'm going to regret this, but... here we go!

This is an analysis of the nominees for Best Series (Group B) for the 2005 JIB Awards. I hope you will not only read this, but the series themselves as well; they are all excellent and well-written. Enjoy!

The nominees:
Matzah & Marinara's 8-part series When Something's Wrong is the heart-breaking story of her son Evan, whose autism was improperly addressed by so many, but who was helped by so many other, caring people. As beautiful as it is heart-rending.

LamedZayin's 6-parter on the origins and modern-day knowledge we have regarding Tekhelet is fascinating and incredibly well-researched, packing a wealth of information into 6 readable, interesting posts at Maven Yavin.

Mystical Paths' 2-part series examining the words of Ovadiah (the prophet) and extrapolating them to modern-day events is as scary as it is intriguing. He takes a phrase-by-phrase approach to interpretation of the words.

On the Face's story, How Lisa Came to Israel, goes far beyond the plane ride in. It is the story of life in Tel Aviv, beginning at the outbreak of the intifada to the very heart of Operation Defensive Shield, from the viewpoint of a struggling Israeli immigrant.

Only In Israel tries to describe the anatomy of A Typical Protest against the fence being built in Israel, and succeeds: Who comes, from where, and what they're about. More importantly, what goes on at the protests, especially the "non-violent" ones.

Orthodox Anarchist has a 10-part series titled The Walls Came Tumbling Down, designed to examine the ascent of modern autonomous Jewish movements. I did not read this series, but from the bit I skimmed in Part I, it looks richly detailed and interesting, and not very favorable of Orthodox Judaism.

Orthomom's Heroine of the Day series is actually ongoing, highlighting fabulously talented Jewish women who have accomplished so much. The list of who she has discussed is in her sidebar, including some more famous names and some less so.

PsychoToddler's Rose's Story is about his mother's recollections from the Holocaust. With her whole family wiped out in the war and genocide, she managed to survive to tell her story -her detailed, incredibly recollected story.

SerandEz (that's me!) has a more joyful series, recapping a fun and Crazy Shabbos we once had here - one of many, but one that was especially crazy and deserving of being written. I was only able to write the 6 posts through what happened Shabbos day before too many details faded to write accurately; nevertheless, it gives a nice impression of what Shabbos here is often like.

Shaister's Weekend Pop Culture is ongoing, and discusses... well, pop culture, every weekend. More specifically, Jewish contributions to pop culture. It's interesting and detailed, and gives nice insights into the story behind what we experience.

Wilderness City retells his Trip to Uman for Rosh Hashana, a trek many make every year. From Bat Ayin to Uman and back, it's an interesting perspective on the annual calm craziness that exists by R' Nachman's grave.

The Zionist Conspiracy discusses the incredible cultural divide between the Modern Orthodox and Charedi worlds, in particular the difficulties a moderate Charedi faces. Orthodox Judaism's Cultural Divide is fascinating and extremely incisive.
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