Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Mustache

Though it's a little late, my friend Yonah was very insulted. He knows about my Crazy Shabbos series (ya know, the one that's nominated for a JIB award... that has like 12 votes... that's getting crushed by the competition... not that I care or anything... :) ), and he came over a few weeks ago after the meal Friday night to visit. By us, this is a common occurence: We tend to have many guests every Shabbos meal, and many more often stop by on the weeks they don't eat by us to visit.

That week, however, was different. Yonah, one of the only two other students in my Advanced Accounting and Auditing classes, looked very different. Suit? Nothing special. Tie? Nice, but didn't blow anyone's socks off. Glasses? Sorry, he doesn't wear any. [And doesn't that blow some stereotypes?!] No, you see, Yonah walked in with a (gasp!)... mustache.

And not just any mustache: This was a bona fide, solid, black, normal-looking mustache. Now, I've never seen such a thing before in my life. Apparently, neither has anyone else. I mean, think about it: Usually, it's with a beard; or with a goatee; or it's some heinous-looking thing on the guy bagging your groceries who also has a horrible laugh and huge, yellow-toothed smile. But this mustache? It was normal! It didn't make him look worse! I was amazed.

Well, that wasn't all. Not only did he have a mustache, he wanted to know (as a joke) why I've never written about him on my blog. "Well, do you even read my blog?," I asked. "Maybe if you'd write about me I'd read your blog!," he answered. "Yeah, right." Well, odds are he won't - but he asked me again recently why I hadn't written about his mustache yet. And, since I had agreed to, in front of many witnesses, I have.

Ironically, Yonah's mustache was short-lived. By the next Friday, it was gone forever. But for now, at least, Yonah's mustache can live - if only on this blog. We miss you (not really), Yonah's mustache. (sniff) Goodbye.

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