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JIB Awards 2005: Best Post Nominees - The Better

The Better:
MCAryeh's The Date Getter is funny, well-written, and makes important points about the judgemental attitude too many of us have - particularly in the frum world. Really good, but not one of his classic knock-your-socks off post. It might sneak into the final round.

Shifra's powerful post about her brother in Matters of the Heart is touching and telling. This could be squeezed in or out, depending on how people compare it to similar heartfelt posts.

On Believing by Baraita is fabulously written, and explains belief in God with no scientific fighting and little theological muddle. His tie-in to Hurricane Katrina is perfectly written, and his thoughts are clearly stated. So why isn't this in "The Best"? Because many people will not read it through, or find it all that interesting. Certain segments of bloggers will - others simply won't.

The heart of DovBear is usually in the comments - but On Baseball in General and Pesach in Particular is striking and true to its core. His analogy is obvious, and yet, still poignant. His mass audience will likely push this into the finals - it's close enough as it is.

Jewlicious' breakdown of Conservative Judaism is wonderfully spelled out and attracted almost 500 comments... and their readership may push this into the finals.

Krum's post on Prayers is drawing, touching, funny, well-written, and cute. The struggles of co-existing in the public sphere and the little things we are sometimes forced to do are ideas we can all relate to.

LabRab manages to make My First Date at a Morgue seem almost pleasant in this beautiful post about meeting a wonderful woman and helping others in a time of dire need. Touching.

Mystical Paths writes much the way his name implies in The Blessings of Jacob. Sometimes, the most obvious answer is the correct one, and sometimes, posts that will make the finals seem obvious.

Orthodox Anarchist writes the most wild post of them all with On Becoming Shomer Shabbat. Drugs, Shabbos, the police, and chance meetings all play major roles in this script-like post. If there were an award for wild, this would win hands down. For best post, it will probably get a nice amount of votes.

Reality Gaps notes just how quickly the Arabs in France turned their own riots into a cause against the French - and how the responses by the French are so eerily hypocritical. Most importantly, L'Intifada Continues, Paris Burns touches on the true motives the Arabs revealed.

SoccerDad's Article 20 takes the reader into the denials of the Palestinians - and the world's refusal to call them on it. One cannot help but get wound up when reading this sharp post.

Treppenwitz's Daddy Syndrome is well-written and entertaininig - at his own expense. A day in the life of the non-Primary Parent is something many have already or will experience - while their spouses quietly shake their heads.

Zionist Conspiracy looks back on November 4th, 1995, and how it affected his life. Engrossing, interesting, and a lesson to us all.
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  1. That's true, I hadn't really thought about that. However, your readership is so large, even a small percentage might be enough to push you up a bit.