Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 1/3

This is what happens when I don't do this for a few days... there gets to be waaaay too much good stuff out there.

A few quick notes: Now that shiva has ended, the post about Serach's grandfather is no longer at the top. On behalf of the Luchins family, thank you very much to all those who have expressed their kind condolences, whether in the posts or by e-mail. They were very much appreciated.

As many people (particularly CK and TM from Jewlicious - thanks for visiting! Come again!) noted in the comments my post yesterday about the JIB nominations, the purpose of the JIBs is more about exposure than the actual winning of the awards. The point of these roundups is similar: I enjoy exposing some excellent posts from the blogosphere (particularly the J-blogosphere) to whomever visits here. Sure, my mom would rather I write more of my own stuff, but I discovered [to my horror] that I had about 30 posts last week - almost Jack-esque. So, despite all the roundups, I'm still able to write plenty of stuff on my own, even if those really sharp, break-it-down-piece-by-piece posts are a bit less often. Anyways, my point is... please submit posts of yours that are really good to serandez at verizon dot net. I'd love to read it, and there's a good chance I'll link to it as well.

Just remember to save your best Jewish/Israel stuff for Haveil Havalim, too!

And now, on to the last few days' roundup...

*Post of the Day*
Go read the post below this. It's not the best post - but it points to a great new J-blogger, whose posts all could come close to this.
This post by SoccerDad was referenced by a number of the big blogs. It's a sharp post dissecting a Washington Post editorial on Israel.
Paul at Bloghead sums up "Off the Derech", and his 3 points are extremely important.
Kate Burton:
Miriam, meanwhile, points out the stupidity of Kate Burton. Don't know who Kate Burton is? Think Rachel Corrie, but dumber.

AbbaGav writes a series of instructions for people like Kate. Hilarious, yet sad if you think about it.

JudeoPundit has his own series of links, Linkim - he too had the AbbaGav post.
The family feud begins! PsychoToddler and Fudge square off in the battle for Best Humor Blog. May the best ***** win!
Danger!! in Israel:
Jameel and family have an incredible tiyul, marred only by a dangerous twist. He seems to have a knack for finding sticky situations.

JoeSettler has an update on the illegal outpost he's been blogging about.

And Batya muses (ok, rants and raves) about the red line that's being crossed, along with the truth about lies.

IfYouWillIt says not to be deceived by what you're not reading, or by the big three Prime Minister candidates, while Elder of Ziyon shows you why.

Israelly Cool advises you to be wary of jerks who play both sides of the fence - and are wrong both times.

Ze'ev has a trio of excellent posts, discussing how two friends can disagree so vehemently, and how Jews can be such a paradox - whether it's Israeli kids making porn flicks or Americans going home after saying they can't leave.

But Jack notes that at least we're doing better than the Palestinians, who are showing the world just how pathetic they can be.
Hats off to DovBear for this post.

Mirty recaps some of the improper actions at her Chanukah party. Still sounds like a blast, though!

Wolf says people should learn to defer to those who know what they're talking about.

LabRab asks about the Tale of Two Kiddies, a la The Prince and the Pauper - will they be able to understand each other's worlds in twenty years?
Chaim says goodbye to another few blogs that have closed shop.
Acharon Acharon Chaviv:
How does this post by Mirty make you feel? Does it cause flashbacks? Talk about powerful...
Check them out. All of them.


  1. Now I have to add you to the big blogs! Thanks.

    But Kate Burton isn't stupider than Rachel Corrie. Kate wouldn't warrant a Darwin for her stupidity.

  2. David - granted. But I think she's dumber intellectually, as expressed by her statements. Not that Corrie's statements weren't bad; but she wasn't kidnapped.