Friday, January 13, 2006

Best Jewish Humor Blog (Group B)

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I'm randomly going through categories for now, to mix things up a bit. Tonight is the Humor category, Group B. There are a lot of great choices here, some of whom I read on a consistent basis - and I've almost always had something to laugh at. Here we go:
Mom with a View, the Aish blog, has only 2 posts that I can get to, and neither are meant as humor posts. Sorry, I have to skip this one.

Mrs. Balabusta is the low vote-getter of a family of humor blogs, likely because she posts less often than they do. When she does post, it's always entertaining, whether celebrating a day of sun or shaving a Cro-Magnon (okay, so that wasn't on her blog per se... but that's too bad). She plays a mean PS2, too, apparently. I wish I could go on about the blogs I read, but then I'd be here all day.

Protein Wisdom is a blog I've only seen a couple of times: But it is hilarious. It's like a detailed version of LGF - a little less linking and more commentary, and without a few hundred of the commenters. But it's still serious yet hilarious, with excellent points throughout his posts.

Ah, PsychoToddler. Where do I begin!? The name alone is telling - though he refers to his hilarious child, he is both a psycho and a child rolled up into a bass-jamming doctor. Near every story he tells will have you laughing at a computer screen, only to be stared at by your neighbors. The comments sections are often even funnier than the original post - and PT got my first vote in this category without question. Pure entertainment.

Of course, there's also RenReb. The Renegade Rebbetzin IS her name: A rebbetzin who does NOT resemble any you've ever met. She's hilarious, she's tough, she's entertaining, and she blows stereotypes and stupidity out of your mind. She's... herself, and though that scares some people, most are like me and just love and enjoy the show. She also got my second vote in this category.

Suburban Hymns I've never seen before, and it makes me wonder: Can British people be funny on purpose, or do we just laugh at them because they're (snicker) British? Well, SH seems to be pretty funny. Does that break a stereotype? Or is Suburban Hymns just weird? For that matter, are all Brits weird? I don't know, I'm lost in confusion. But SH is pretty funny based on my quick glance.

The Dry Bones Blog is... ...come on! You don't know who Dry Bones is!? This is a Jewish/Israeli Blogging Award. If you do NOT know who/what Dry Bones is, you have NO business voting. That said, Dry Bones is already kicking everybody's tushie, so maybe think about voting for some others with your next vote. If he weren't, he'd get my third vote.

The View From Here I never heard of until the JIBs, but it seems pretty entertaining. No time to really read through much, but his joke about Dave & the JIBs had me for a second. Interesting reading in general.

The World Through My Eyes I only heard of for the JIBs - and loved his post, which is one of his 6 nominations [I only wrote 4 last time, my bad]. No time to really read through either, but definitely an interesting and well-written blog.

This Blog is Full of Crap is, well, full of funny. I like the little BINGO game in the sidebar: A free pizza to the IDF when he completes a row of dead terrorists. Very funny, period.

Yo, Yenta! is a mix of Yo and Yenta, combining post-modern and old school European Jewish attitudes. It's funny, from the bits I saw. No time to read a ton. It's late.
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  1. I can't believe you manage to read all these blogs!

  2. Ezzie, not only is Harry's site awesome, but he has an amazing podcast. Not just one of the best Jewish/Israeli podcasts, but easily one of the best podcasts around in general. I listen to a lot of podcasts, so I can tell you, Harry and Ziva are awesome.

  3. Ezzie, this is worth more to me than the JIB award, which BTW there is no way in heck I'm going to get anywhere near.

    Thank you.

    It would be nice if some of the folks the mega-blogs refered over to vote would peruse my little home-grown blog, but I suspect they just click on their blog and vote.

  4. PT: I'm not sure... I've definitely been getting hits from the JIBs in general. They *may* be mega-blog vote-clickers...

    I'm honored you think so much of what I say. Thank you.

    LOR: Thanks - I'm not a podcast listener in general, but I'll check out the View a bit more...