Monday, January 16, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 1/16

Random tidbits... Well, I was 2-2 on my NFL picks this weekend, and 24 was awesome. I have a ton of work to do by tomorrow, and yet, I'm still blogging instead. I just found out there's a good chance I'll be flying to Los Angeles on a job interview in a couple of weeks, though I haven't even found anything yet for this spring; and, I need to take a number of finals in the next week on subjects about which I have never read. Sadly, this is not an unfamiliar concept; happily, I did okay the other times.

I would also love to post about yet another amazing Shabbos we had here, but that would just take too long. Sometimes, you just have to be experience something to fully appreciate it. Thank you Cousin Noah (who stayed here) and our other 15 or so guests for an incredible Shabbos; thanks also to the random LA girls who, with a simple shout out of a window to a pair of garbage-toting young men, brought about an amazing, eye-opening, interesting and fun Friday night for SerandEz & Cousin Noah, and the opportunity to meet all of you and a great new neighbor.

And now, on to the roundup:
*New Blog of the Day*
PsychoToddler and others have started Our Kids Speak, which pretty much explains the whole idea. For me, at least, it brings joy to the J-blogosphere, one child at a time.
*Post of the Day*
Tie between Orthomom & Irina, who both pretty much say something I should have said long ago: Enough with the flame wars. The JIBs are meant to be fun and bring about exposure to the J-blogosphere.

Personally, this has been incredibly true for me. As I've noted elsewhere, I added about 10 blogs when this all began to my blogroll, and if I weren't so afraid of adding more [lack of time] I'd add another 10. Life-of-Rubin says it's working for him, too.
Jameel, meanwhile, is bringing about J-blogger unity in a different fashion, as the merry-go-round of guest bloggers continues. It's fun, extremely well-written, and some of the posts may make your eyes water with tears.

Ze'ev is just writing his own inspiring stories.

A commenter on Happy's blog points to a video that will make you happy.

SoccerDad points to the most amazing and breathtaking space pictures of 2005. Through that, I found the most amazing pictures of 2005 on MSNBC - WOW.
Check it out!

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  1. Ezz, did you hear about this?

  2. Thanks for the link. And those pictures are GREAT!

  3. Sure, and yeah - I was in awe - had to pause once in a while just to take some in.