Monday, January 09, 2006

JIB Awards 2005: Voting Begins!!

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The voting has begun for the 2005 Jewish & Israel Blogging Awards! The JPost asks that you check out the rules before voting, so please do so. They're pretty simple, but read them anyway so your votes don't get disqualified. Round 1 voting runs from January 9th-19th, and you can vote every 3 days. Vote in all the categories!

NOTE: You do not need to have a blog, be a blogger, or even read blogs to vote. Anyone can vote - so express your opinion! And, assuming you enjoy this blog (wink wink) [or even if you don't]...

SerandEz is nominated in 5 categories:
  • Best Overall Blog
  • Best New Blog
  • Best Political Blog
  • Best Series: Crazy Shabbos
  • and
  • Best Post: Welcome to the (J-) Blogosphere
  • Vote early, vote often (not too often!), vote for Ser err... whomever you want.

    I also hope to post my own review of some of the categories.
    Up so far:
    The Nominees..., Best Post - The List, Best Post - The Good, Best Post - The Better, Best Post - The Best, Best Designed Blog, Best Life In Israel Blog (Group A), Best Jewish Humor Blog (Group B), Best Jewish Humor Blog (Group A), Best Series (Group B).
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