Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Saved!! Any Suggestions?

As I noted yesterday, it's a crazy week. But so far, so good. I wrote 2 of the 3 5-paragraph essays I needed to, and edited the 5-pager (into 7 pages). Someone called to book my LA ticket for me, and a blogger I'm quite interested in meeting is staying right near here, so hopefully we'll have a chance to actually meet. I actually studied a bit for my Literature final, and aside from the nice person who supplied me with notes, I must thank Wikipedia. Every time I use it, I appreciate its value more and more. It's a wonderfully fast way of researching whatever topics you need to - and as long as the subject has no political aspects, it's generally extremely well put together.

I started the essay on The Republic, but I will have to finish it after the final and then drop it in the professor's box. Any suggestions on which parts I should utilize? I'm looking to explain why a philosopher-king is just not practicable as a leader, and the flaws in the utopian style state of Socrates. The arguments are coherent in my mind, but I have yet to find stand-alone examples upon which to pick and explain why they cannot possibly work. By stand-alone, I mean examples which do not require me to waste a page trying to describe the background of the example, which turns off the reader. I need good, pointed examples. Any ideas? DB? R2JB? Nephtuli? Who are the literature experts out there?

Also, some posts I'd like to write in the near future: Living in the J-Blogosphere (because of Irina), Why I'm Jewish (many people, starting with Holy Hyrax), and Why I Blog (many people, starting with Jack). Of course I also have to break down why the Panthers and Broncos are going to the Super Bowl, analyze how the GOP is righting itself properly [so far] after a terrible year, continue analyzing the JIBs, and figure out what the heck is going on in Israel. :::sigh::: Wouldn't it be nice if time stopped so we could blog?!


  1. How about Socrates himself? He wasn't exactly Mr. Popular.

    Of course if you consider the philosopher-king in the abstract, it becomes a Platonic form of good leadership and therefore impossible to refute.

    Did you read the Myth of Er?

  2. I've never even heard of it...

    My point is that in the real world, a philosopher-king is a disaster. The closest there has been that was even somewhat successful is Shlomo.

  3. It's the last book of the Republic, and the only part worth reading.

    I've just been readin up on Roman history and Marcus Aurelius is often referred to as a philosopher king, but he was quite successful. Meditations is an excellent code for leading a good life.

    A google search turned this up:

  4. Heh. I actually disagree. I gave a nice presentation on the flaws included in Meditations... though most of it is very good.

  5. Why you're Jewish? Because your mother is, dummy! You don't choose to be Jewish or not. Do you mean why you're orthodox or why you're happy to be Jewish?

  6. Ezzie, you're coming to LA???!!! I'll pick you up at the airport. :)

  7. Keep plugging away. Wish I could help with the Republic stuff byt its been more than 15 yrs since I read it.


  8. Ayelet: LOL. True. Okay, I should have written, "Why I am happy with Judaism" or "Why I don't have the issues others do" or something.

    HH: Heh. You never know, I might take you up on that...

    David: That's right. Steelers are going down. It's so obvious!

  9. David: That's right. Steelers are going down. It's so obvious!

    Friendly bet?

    Thought you would like this comment from

    "It depends on where you live. In NY manners are not common b’klal. I live here in Melbourne Australia where believe me, the frum people here are very polite."

    Did you ghost write that (not that you have the time)?

  10. LOL. No I didn't write that. I've never been to Australia.

    Friendly bet? Sure! :)

  11. Try Karl Popper on Plato if you haven't already.

  12. With or without the spread? Lunch at sushi metsuyan on the loser?(I can wait 'til you get a real job for you to pay up)

  13. Thanks Charlie...

    David: Straight up. And sure! Though Sushi Metsuyan is going to cost you... ;)

  14. I can already taste my free Steak Negimaki... :::mmmmmm::: :)

  15. I don't think so but I'll check to see if they serve Thai Humble Pie (on your dime, no less).

  16. My point is that in the real world, a philosopher-king is a disaster.

    There has never been a philosopher king in the real world.

  17. That I understand; in fact, that's my point. I am asking which parts of the Republic to dissect and then prove wrong; the actual designing of society is pretty well done.