Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Best Jewish Humor Blog (Group A)

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Though I really should be doing other things, I wanted to get at least a couple more of these in before the first round of voting ended. Tonight is the Humor category, Group A. There are some really funny blogs in this group, and thankfully, Jewlicious just posted their review of the whole category which makes this a bit easier. Here we go:
A Whispering Soul is a wonderfully written, interesting, and excellent blog. He's funny when he wants to be, but his blog is less about humor and more about life. He should get a lot more votes in the other (numerous) categories he's in.

Aaron's CC is far more of a political blog than a humor blog, but politics can be funny too. It's more tongue-in-cheek satire than true humor, however, it does have a lot of humorous posts. When it makes fun of Condi Rice recently [even though I like Condi] I was particularly amused.

Because... (Robbie) wants me to plug him, as I'd promised I would do. Well, here you go, Robbie! Robbie is funny and entertaining, and deserves heavy consideration for your vote in this category. Of course, he's not as funny as Fudge, but he is still really funny, so if you don't like Fudge for some stupid reason, vote for Robbie. Or vote for him with one of your later votes. Or something. Enough to say that this plug was meaningful.

Cox & Forkum draw hilarious cartoons. But they don't need your votes, they're huge. Really, really good cartoons.

Fudge. Wow, what to say about Fudge?! Go scroll through some of her archives. You would be falling off your seat with laughter at some of her posts, if not for her incredible writing ability which keeps you glued to that seat. I'd love to see who gets more votes in the finals: Her or her dad, PsychoToddler.

Gila's Big Adventure. I have to agree with Jewlicious: It's a very interesting blog about Gila's life in Israel, but why is it a "Humor" blog?!

Israel Stories is a blog I've never seen before - but it's pretty funny. Nice little stories about life in Israel, but with that Israeli twist that makes it hilarious to hear or read.

JDaters Anonymous was described by Esther herself, so I'll let her do the talking:
For the legions of current and former daters of all stripes, people who engage in online dating or offline dating. Recent discussions have focused on whether older men are overlooked by younger women, and whether soulmates exist and what that term means. This site recently launched its own BlogCarnival for posts of a Jewish singles nature. (Disclosure: JDA is an EDK production.)
JeruGuru is a fascinating story teller, but I don't think his blog is about humor as much as it's about dating and life in Israel.

Krum as a Bagel is one of the blogs I throughly enjoy, though more for his sharp posts than his humor. He is pretty funny while he points out the idiocies he sees in the Jewish world, however, and deserves some solid consideration.

Life-of-Rubin is another blog I enjoy, and he gets extra points for designing my header. He's pretty funny, though he (like Krum) has a different focus, in his case, Jewish culture. He deserves some solid consideration as well.
Enjoy them all!

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