Saturday, January 28, 2006

This Should Be Funny...

I'd love to see the odds on this race, were it to happen:
Cindy Sheehan, the peace activist who set up camp near President Bush's Texas ranch last summer, said Saturday she is considering running against Sen. Dianne Feinstein to protest what she called the California lawmaker's support for the war in Iraq.
This would actually be great: Feinstein would have to waste a lot of time and money on defeating Sheehan, even though there's no chance Sheehan could actually win. Would this allow a Republican to challenge Feinstein seriously? Maybe.

Should be fun to watch, regardless!

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  1. oh please let this happen, pretty please!

  2. What do you have against Feinstein? She is as moderate a Democrat as you are going to get in California, and a supporter of Israel and of Jewish interests in general. You would prefer someone like Rep. Darrell Issa?

  3. I'd like a good, solid Republican. I lost a lot of respect for Feinstein when she said that Alito is qualified, but she's still going to vote against him.