Wednesday, January 04, 2006

JIB Awards 2005: Best Post Nominees - The Best

The Best:
AirTime's Friday Night Races had my heart racing with the cars. Wow - this is an edge of your seat post. This should garner plenty of votes.

Mirty's Jewish Connection post My Siddur is incredible. You can almost feel the siddur in your own hands, looking at the words within and what they mean to you. Many a heart will fall to the power of this post, and it will coast into the final round.

Read Lulei Demestifina's post 30 Tammuz and tell me if you got chills too. Discussing possibly the scariest idea to contemplate, even if it is always at the back of our minds, he makes the reader picture in vivid detail the events that took place.

Mirty makes it again, this time from Mirty's Place. In Things That Change Your Life, Mirty brings the reader along for an emotional and spiritual roller-coaster ride of health, life, happiness, and religion.

Nice Jewish Girl discusses, via a moving story, the meaning of and need for a hug. Physical Necessities is a reminder to all of us not to take what we have for granted, in so many different ways.

Orthomom's 9/11 is a poignant reminder of what we can never forget. Her personal account is terrifying, horrifying, and for so many of us, impossible to comprehend. This is Orthomom at her finest, and was the perfect choice of her many great posts.

Ben discusses the horrible dilemma soldiers such as he had to face - as both soldiers and Israeli civilians. His message is sharp, clear, and to the point - and something that thankfully, most people seemed to understand. Disengagement is a reminder that even when things do not go our way, we must not be blinded by the present.

Meryl Yourish creates a new term in Ex-Jews. Her diatribe against those who do their utmost to cater to people who want nothing less than our deaths is incredible, sharp, and a perfect example of why she is one of the most well-read J-bloggers.
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  1. Thanks for the link and the great review.

  2. Ditto. Thanks for the link and the compliments.

  3. Wow! I'm really honoured that you consider my post one of the best. Thanks so much for the review and the link! Keep up the great work and good luck with the JIBs.

  4. It was really great. Keep it up yourself.

  5. I'm really impressed that you spent the time reading, categorizing, and posting links to every single nominee. That was really nice of you. Thanks.

  6. Thank you, and you're welcome. I don't think I'll be able to with most of the other categories, though.

  7. Mirty - but it really appeals to that small group, which may get you votes...

    You got my vote in Group A! :)