Saturday, January 28, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 1/28

Wow - there are so many posts on Hamas, I'm going to save them for a seperate roundup (or just leave them all for Haveil Havalim, I'm not sure yet). I have my own post to write on the Palestinian elections, but it will wait for now...

Heh. I just noticed that Chaim already did a roundup of a lot of blogs on this... he missed a few, but check it out.

And as I'm finishing this, I see an excellent post from Chayyei Sarah on a different aspect that nobody else is really talking about. Check it out.

With everyone away on break, we had yet another quiet Shabbos - eating out one meal as Serach and our hostess managed to connect just about everyone in the Jewish world, while our host made important points about the poor treatment Ba'alei Tshuva sometimes get - and how to and not to attract Ba'alei Tshuva. A post on that later, as well...

Here's the roundup:

Important posts first:
Ze'ev is running for office.

BeyondBT wants to know what to do with some money. What do you think?

AussieDave has a great post that shouldn't be necessary about the JIBs. Please read it. (And see Orthomom's good rant about it, too.) (Oh! Even better! Check out Chayyei Sarah's!)
Holocaust: Irina goes to the UN to commemorate the Holocaust. Waterworks aplenty...

Torah Judaism:
The Godol Hador says we needn't worry about Documentary Hypothesis.

DovBear prefers the simple explanation of the frogs in Egypt. Me too.
Good Luck!: To Chana, who's interviewing at YU.

After hearing another blogger tell him "I Love You", Jameel is writing blog sonnets. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

Mirty publishes an old poem.

Shira waxes poetic on the subway.

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  1. Thanks for the link! It was kind of ironic sitting there and listening to Kofi Annan's videotaped message condemning Holocaust denial, all the while the situation with Iran is unfolding...