Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The J-Blogosphere, Excerpts From

Just after I finished tonight's roundup, I noticed a few things...

IMPORTANT: Check out this post by ADDeRabbi. I've already done this, but many of you likely have not, and it's important. What's most incredible is the little factoid about the power of the J-Blogosphere.

Then, I noticed that Jewlicious is continuing its own analysis of the JIBs. Of course, they, much like Chaim and myself, have done Best Designed Blog. The only difference is that I did all of the nominees, not just the finalists. Now, if we were all smart, we'd split up the categories amongst ourselves. But no - we're not that smart. So now, all of us have covered "Best Designed". Brilliant. The power of the J-Blogosphere? No - typical Jews, all wanting to do it our own way.


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