Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 1/4

One part of these roundups that I originally liked was the trackbacking - by placing trackbacks on the posts I linked to, others in turn would see the trackbacks, come back here, and (presumably) see the other great posts that were linked to and read those. Some even decided to stick around here and read some posts as well, which was a nice little bonus.

Unfortunately, as this blog has grown, I've often neglected to place the trackbacks to the other blogs I link to. Part of this is because many of the blogs I link to are BlogSpot (Blogger) blogs, and unless they've switched over to HaloScan for commenting and/or trackbacks, they aren't Trackback-enabled. Just searching through the ones I've linked to to find which I can trackback to can be annoying.

There have been a few good aspects of the blogosphere that have lessened this laziness, however. Blogger's (albeit inconsistent) automatic trackbacking has been nice, allowing people to see that posts have been linked to. One small annoyance: You can only tell this if you're on the post itself, and not from the homepage. But even better is Technorati (and if you don't have it, get it!) - Technorati checks everywhere (though it's delayed) to see who has linked to your blog, and a lot of people are checking their links this way. While it too has its flaws, at least it includes any blog that joins, not just Blogger blogs.

But, despite these positives, most people are not going to see who has linked to a blog post unless there's an actual trackback there, so I'm going to try and get a bit better about placing them. For many of you, this won't make a difference; for the rest, well, I hope y'all enjoy the little trackback numbers going up!

And now, on to tonight's roundup:

*Post of the Day*
Jack recalls praying with his son in his arms.
[thru IsraellyCool] Jewlicious' CK has taken on the task of going through each and every blog nominated for the JIBs. Clearly, he's suicidal, though I was planning on (and still plan on) doing a scaled-down version of the same thing. Best of luck to him in this difficult endeavor - as Esther noted in the comments, it's a great way [for one of the biggest J-blogs] to expose more readers to the other blogs, which is the point of the JIBs anyway.

IgNoble Experiment has been reformatted - and is the first contender for next year's "Best Blog Design". Nice redesigning, Irina!
Protein Wisdom has a picture of Iran President Ahmadinejad's New Year's resolutions. Hilarious, yet scary.

JBlogMeister has the news about a bus company advertising round-trip tickets to Auschwitz. Sick. Apparently they've forgotten that a million or so Jews got 1-way tickets there.

He also talks about a modern-day supermom. Wow, this lady is impressive - I wonder if she'll make Orthomom's Heroine of the Day series.

Robbie sees a combo that is quite rare in today's world.
Ze'ev blogs about the security fence, and what it isn't doing. (I disagreed in the comments.) He also notes that sex certainly sells - whether it's Israel or Israel Perspectives.

Kerchoff Coffeehouse, which I'm looking at more and more, has a great post and comment thread about Gaza these days.
Gil is annoyed that people don't seem to know any history - or at least more than one viewpoint.

Krum has a great scorecard of where everyone measures up after the Slifkin Affair. Not sure how I forgot this yesterday...
Check it out!

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  1. We also offer...just kidding! Nice roundup thanks for the links!

  2. Stupid spam... :) You are very welcome!

  3. Thanks for the link! By the way... everyone around here is mysteriously mentioning the "Slifkin affair" which sounds fascinating and scandalous... except I haven't a clue what it is. Where can I find more information?