Thursday, January 26, 2006

What A Difference 8-1/2 Years Make

Dear Older Dumber,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Wow - 31 years old.... that's just OLD. And yet, you still look like you're 17, even though you're starting to show some gray in there. I can't believe people asked if you were 18 yet during our Sheva Brachos - and then again more recently. Meanwhile, you're blessed with a wonderful wife (just putting up with you is pretty incredible) and two amazing, cute, smart, and hilarious children (bli ayin hara, et al). Your knack at analyzing sports is almost as good as mine, and your kindness and excellent derech eretz are known to all. I'd write more, but then I'd have to really start embarrassing you, so... Happy Birthday Little Brother. ;)

Love, Your Younger, Bigger, Wiser, Greater Brother - Ethzie (& Search and Rescue/Rerach)

PS I'm now halfway to 45. Pretty scary, if you ask me...


  1. First of all: cute picture!
    Second: "et al" means "and others" and is not interchangeable with "etc." or "et cetera" which means "and so one". When in doubt, don't use Latin.;)
    Third: your post script reminded me of that terrific scene in "When Harry Met Sally" where she's crying hysterically on the bed....Did you see it? A great classic!

  2. Ayelet - I actually do know what it means, it's meant more for Hudi... but thank you! :)

    And I never saw "When Harry Met Sally" - lucky coincidence!

  3. I don't know if you watch movies or whatever (I don't want to be machshil anyone...) but tell Serach that it's one she doesn't want to miss!

  4. We do - I'll let her know. (We're not that frum... ;) But aren't you CC people?!) Thanks!

  5. Too bad Older-Wiser probably won't read this post. You could still get him a card in time for his Hebrew Birthday.

  6. Oy. Ya know, I sent you a text message to tell Older Dumber to read this...

  7. Now, how am I meant to understand that? CC people are too frum to watch? Or CC frum watch anyway so what's the question? In any case, I wasn't born into the system!

  8. Well, some CC people [who weren't "born" in] I know would not watch... but I was kidding. I know plenty that do. Especially ex-CC people. :)