Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 1/12

Well, it's been a while, and I'm sorry, that's just what happens sometimes. There has been a ton of great stuff throughout the blogosphere, particularly the J-blogosphere, over the last week, but I'm skipping to today or I'll never catch up. This is just a few quick hits as well - I heard about a job fair in Melville today (where is Melville?! Sounds like something from Mighty Casey), and a couple of friends said I should come along with them, so why not.

I think everyone is aware of the JIBs by now, and if you're not, look at the post above this one. I keep adding recaps of different categories, so check back for more! And now, on to the roundup:
Jameel has to get ready for his son's Bar Mitzvah, and opened his blog to about a dozen guest bloggers. As is not surprising for any place called "The Muqata", however, they are no longer waiting their respective turns and many have already posted some excellent and/or hilarious stuff.

Shoshana has been posting all about her Israel trip, day-by-day. She's already recapped up to Thursday - really interesting!

A guest poster on BeyondTshuva talks about his child's education and being true to yourself.

And, only because I just read it, even though it's from yesterday: Irina discusses modesty. Powerful.
Gotta run. Check it out!

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  1. Ezzie - where's the love? All I get is an "already" for my Kitzoni Cafe post - not even an excellent of hilarious?

  2. LOL!

    Thanks for the link! : ) Congrats on the job offer!

  3. There certainly has been a ton of a great stuff around. For one thing, you missed the Chardal/Dovbear Peace Accords.

  4. Ze'ev - LOL. I was just spacing them out word by word throughout the sentence... but didn't want to use consecutive words.

    Irina - No real job offers... :( No accounting firms were there. Oh well.

    JBM - LOL! So, they don't just have a few companies on one block.

    HH - They made peace?!


    Start from there and read down.

  6. Oh wow - I just thought it would turn into another fight!

  7. Don't get discouraged! I'm sure something good will turn up soon!

  8. :) Amen!

    I'm not discouraged... it just felt like a waste of time. We were hoping to see at least a couple midsize firms there... but there was nothing. Ah well.