Monday, January 23, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 1/23 (II)

The first half was here. Sorry, LabRab, looks like your streak is broken! ;)

24 was very good tonight - it was one of those set-up episodes, where less happens, but more things are clearly set up for a lot of action in weeks to come. What is great about 24 is that even these episodes are so well done, leaving the viewer hooked to every word. A couple things were illogical, which rarely happens, but all right - they weren't all that important.

And now, the roundup:
PsychoToddler's Dad needs your prayers. It's nice to see his family able to have a good time, though.

Jameel rounds up his guest bloggers, now that his son's bar mitzvah has passed. Which of course means we're going to have to read him now... (yawn) Which is great, of course! I'm kidding - the guest bloggers were really incredible, but it's nice to see Jameel back. Plus, I read almost all of the guests anyway, and I'm starting to look at the others now, too.

Shira discovers backlinks - welcome to seeing who's talking about you!

R2JB struggles with "I". Who can help?

I love Robbie (not that way!), but this is just dumb. A mistake we all could make... right?

Shoshana discusses the age-old free will vs. predetermination.

Avi discusses the failing EU economy, but more important is the link he has at the end to an older article. Excellent.
Check it out!

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  1. Well, thanks for clearing that up. For a while there I thought you did like me that way. I was ready to move out East!

    It's a little awkward in here now, isn't it?

  2. Ezzie, I am just finishing up Season 3 of 24, so please do not give away anything from Season 5. If you are going to do so, please give a warning somewhere in the post to those of us who haven't seen it yet - thanks.

  3. No problem - that's why I was vague. If I'm going to comment about it, it will be after the "Click here", and I'll put a warning.

  4. Glad you round up the blogsphere, I havent had much time to get round it this week.

    Try and avoid the any 24 spoilers!