Monday, January 23, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 1/23

Though it's been a while, again, these roundups should get up to a more regular pace starting tomorrow, as my last final is tonight. Of course, does this mean my school work is over? No, not even close. But it definitely makes things a lot calmer. Weird, considering I'm not even studying for tonight's final... but that's just me.

Before people question how seriously I take my school work, I should note that tonight's final is on the basics of PowerPoint, Access, Excel, and Quickbooks. The midterm was in a similar format (called SAM), and I took that one after flipping through one example in a friend's textbook during Literature class for about 30 minutes. I took the test, but missed the next class when everyone was told their grades. Another guy in the class informed me before the following class that most of the class did poorly, with people getting in the 50's and 60's, one guy even getting in the 30's. I asked the professor how I had done, and he looked at me and said, "You got 100" and looked back to what he was doing. I laughed, and said, "No, really! What did I get?" He looked up again, confused, and said, "You really got 100." Most of the class turned around, I thanked him, and figured I deserved a night off.

Anyways, on to the roundup, which is pretty random today, so it's not divided into topics:
BTA signs off. I'm hoping he'll change his mind - whatever you think of what he had to say, it forced people to think about their beliefs and much more. BTA, I'll miss your insights, though I'm hoping that the end of your blog does not mean the end of BTA.

MCAryeh asks what crazy things you've done for love.

ADDeRabbi outs himself - what do anonymous bloggers do when people figure them out?

Shifra's kids recognize what we often miss: It's not where you go that makes things fun, it's having fun that makes things fun.

BeyondBT continues to churn out good post after good post about adjusting to a frum lifestyle - and just had their first event!

DovBear links to a couple of good posts which discuss the spammer problems we all face:
I wanted to put a link to my site reading "Link Whores Welcome Here" beneath David and Meryl's latest pronouncements, but I worried they might not appreciate the metajoke.
Godol Hador discusses the problems with Zero-Tolerance Policies, and wonders about a solution.

IfYouWillIt says why he blogs.

Irina asks about Jewish identity.

Ze'ev discusses the surprising courtesy of the Israeli police.

Aussie Dave rips into Ha'aretz for being to the left of the Palestinians.

JoeSettler responds to racist accusations.

Krum discusses... art?

LabRab talks about elevators, Christians, and tolerance.
For all who couldn't tell, that was just the first half of my blogroll. Signing off for now, enjoy!

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  1. You look familiar. Are you in one (or more) of those posed Lander College for Men ads?

  2. None of the ads, but I was in the brochure a couple years ago about 4 times...

  3. I think I've made three straight roundups ... thanks Ezzie!

  4. Thanks for the link! Good luck on your final! : )

  5. You're welcome - thanks, already took it, did pretty well.