Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Ezzie's Self-Blog Roundup, 12/6 & 7

First, a roundup of a couple of recent posts from SerandEz, as I thought they were good and people may have missed them with the Blogger trouble yesterday:
Professor Justice guest-posted with Holiday Correctness. This is the first of what we hope will be many guest posts from the Professor.

Two unrelated posts are actually somewhat related: In WSJ: Derailing the ACLU Train, a judge throws out the ACLU's petition to not allow security checks; security checks which help minimize or stop terror attacks, as evidenced by yesterday's Terror Attack in Netanya. EDIT: Of course, government can make mistakes, as we see in Dams and Government - Hilarious.

I also received hit #10,000 and am close to page view #20,000 despite yesterday's Blogger trouble, and handed out the Ezzie awards to the best blogs in some of the categories listed by the Weblog Awards.

With me, it always all comes back to football - whether following it or playing it.

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