Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 12/14

There has really been quite a bit going on in the J-Blogosphere, lately, including the JIB Awards and the upcoming Haveil Havalim Anniversary Edition. In addition, aside from my own roundups of what's going on, JewishBlogmeister put up a J-Blog music roundup, and JudeoPundit has his own roundup, with a much cooler name: Linkim. It's nice to see, as he usually seems to select from different blogs (and non-blogs) than I do, so it exposes more blogs to everybody. The James Lileks year-in-review is hilarious yet poignant.

So, onto the roundup!
Hirhurim gives out his own commenter awards - and he can, considering a recent post has drawn almost 400 comments.

The New York Times thinks conservative bloggers are generally less interested in examining every side of every issue and more focused on eliciting strong emotional responses from their supporters. I think the Times is a bunch of morons. (Hat tip: Edit Copy)

The Godol Hador is being himself again. Some think he's slipping toward kefirah-land, others think he's being his good old self as always. Either way, it's entertaining. He's has a slew of interesting posts lately, the latest being a song for J-bloggers which followed his (not so) new theory on Judaism.

Ze'ev debates whether to give or not to give: To the IDF.
Gotta run, to be continued.

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  1. Just a note of irony: one could argue that you are eliciting an emotional reaction about the Times' collective intelligence instead of arguing on the merits of their claim.

    Sorry, had to point that out.

    Thanks for the hat tip though.

  2. CE - Actually, that was exactly my point. :)