Tuesday, December 27, 2005

JIB Awards Correction

As I noted yesterday, the JPost page everyone's been looking at is in fact only a test page. AussieDave of IsraellyCool (who is hosting the JIBs) put out a statement regarding the JIBs today, partly in response to the many bloggers who were linking to that test page.
3. Finally, many of you have stumbled upon a Jerusalem Post test page showing the final cut of "nominees." Some of you even posted a link to it. This is not the final page, nor does it show the final list of nominees. It is merely a test page used by the Post to experiment with some formats. Many of the shown blogs may not be in the final cut, and some other blogs may be included, after we have evaluated their eligiblity and nomination link format requirements.
Well, I hope I'm not cut, and if I'm added to any that would be cool. Currently, SerandEz is listed in four categories: Best Overall Blog, Best New Blog, Best Series (Crazy Shabbos), and Best Post (Welcome to the J-Blogosphere). Please have SerandEz in mind when voting starts January 9th! Thanks!

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  1. Looks like I am not going ot make the cut - in spite of your reccomendations Ezzie - supposedly I didnt submit in the proper format... bummer.

  2. Yeah, I saw that. Jack, too. (Muqata three?) That's somewhat annoying, though I guess they have to draw the line somewhere. Now I feel really dumb that I forgot to submit my recommendations. I knew the format! Sorry :(

  3. Given that the page is a test, I would suggest not placing a nominee banner on your site at this stage.

  4. Granted... I saw it, and was fixing my template a bit, so I did. Perhaps I'll remove it next time I fiddle around - too busy and lazy now. But good point!