Thursday, December 08, 2005


NOTE: This is all especially aggravating when I need to e-mail a couple of people about jobs, but cannot access my e-mail from anywhere else. And, this is why blogging today will be slow. I apologize. Check out Liberals vs. Conservatives, Parts I and II, in the meantime!

What a bunch of morons. I called 8 times today, after the promised call-back from a manager never happened: First I called twice and left messages on an extension they gave me. Then I was on hold for 40 minutes, while speaking to a manager; this call all of a sudden sent me back to the original prompts. I called back, and was connected back to the original prompt, not a manager. I called back, and was misconnected completely. I was called back, forwarded to a manager, and instead received a busy signal. I called back, and was forwarded to a manager... but it rang and rang, then finally cut off. I called back, left yet another message... and that's where we stand now. Total time wasted: 100 minutes. Total accomplished: Zero.

May you all be blessed to never EVER have to call Dell with a problem.


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  1. Failing hard drive. Every once in a while, I can get it started... but after a while it crashes. And, they refuse to send me the right hard drive, insisting that mine is only 40-GB.

  2. Something always goes wrong with Dell computers. I have like 5 of them, I think. My wife's video card died--1 month after the one year warranty ran out. Arrrrrrggghh indeed.

  3. Ya... this is my second computer, after they replaced it last year. Which is part of the problem: They have no record of replacing it, which is when they upped my hard drive.

  4. Well, you bought a you know for the future...

    Keep telling them you want to speak to a supervisor, and see what happens. But be nice about it ;)

  5. Oh, I'm so nice to them... It's really hard to not get frustrated at them, though. One thing I keep in mind is that the person I'm speaking to now is NOT the one who just misconnected me, and therefore I have no reason to let it out on them. The ones that are moronic, however, I explain to them very nicely and politely why it is that they are incredibly unintelligent. :)

    Put it this way: Even if I could be mean (I'm tough to them, not mean), I wouldn't - you have to be nice but firm to get free stuff as compensation for the wasted hours.

  6. two cheers for outsourcing!
    Just got a new dell e510.
    every few minutes i hear the hard drive churning, im getting worried there is a disk failure coming.