Sunday, December 11, 2005

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 12/11

I hope everyone's weekend has gone nicely - ours was certainly pleasant. But more on that later!

First, tonight's (this morning's?!) roundup:

*Post of the Day*:
Shifra's brother is improving, thank God. Refuah Shleimah. [previous]
It's a blog-meet-blog world, as PsychoToddler and Mrs. Balabusta visit Doctor Bean and clan - and PT even guestblogs at the Coffeehouse! Meanwhile, Jameel gets from the Muqata to LA - and ends up at last-second host, Chardal.

May we all have such nice opportunities. (And David, I'm taking a raincheck!)

Gene does a study of blogger bias - it's interesting, to say the least.
Robbie recalls when he first "knew" he was gay.

Mirty continues the difficult adjustment to being a step-mom.
Orthomom is on a roll, this time taking to task the recent meeting among Charedi leaders regarding the "shidduchim" problems. As a note, I originally saw this on another blog a few days prior, but decided not to blog about it. I felt it was too hard to articulate my feelings, which would result in an incomprehensible rant about the complete idiocy with some of what was said and decided at that meeting. Kudos to Orthomom for a well-put,calm post.

Life-of-Rubin links to a post about the kashering of (making Kosher) the White House kitchen for the annual Chanukah bash.

BeyondTeshuva continues with more and more solid posts, the latest an excellent one - which as a side note, serves as a reminder to those of us who are FFB's that we're missing out on a bit (paragraph 7):
Perhaps, the most daunting challenge faced is the ever growing awareness that not all Orthodox Jews are paragons of empathy or kindness or patience or even honesty; or even very much engaged in proper study and prayer. Further, to some of them, their religion is simply a rote practice, little cherished and almost no source of inspiration to them.
The InterGalacticJester links to some of the most incredible highlights I've ever seen - Heisman winner Reggie Bush as a high-schooler. My jaw was dropping the entire time.
Jack links to an interesting dilemma of a reporter - airing secret tape of a terrible execution.
SoccerDad says we must use our brains if we don't want to die. I agree.
Check it out!

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  2. LOL! It's too early!!! I'll put that in before Chanukah! Plus, aren't you doing HH right then!?

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