Saturday, December 17, 2005

Important Announcements - Please Help

Three requests, in order of importance:

1) Serach's grandfather suffered a stroke Wednesday night, and has been placed on a respirator and transferred to the ICU today. Please have him in your thoughts and prayers: [Dr.] Avraham Shmuel ben Chana Risa [Luchins]. Thank you very much.

2) Remember to email me your submissions for tomorrow's Haveil Havalim - Anniversary Edition. I likely won't put it out until sometime tomorrow evening, to allow for those last-minute submissions (okay, and because I don't finish football until a little after 3 PM ;) ). For more about what submissions we're looking for, please read this post. Thanks! The e-mail is serandez at verizon dot net, or you can just click here.

3) Please read this post and in the comments, submit your suggestions about what SerandEz posts you feel should be submitted for the JIB Awards 2005. Even better, click on that link and submit them yourself! ;) Thanks! (And, you are of course always welcome to peruse the archives and come up with a different one...)

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