Thursday, December 22, 2005

Lots to Blog About

I'm a bit busy today, and I have to go make something up for our Accounting Club meeting which starts... well, now.

Topics to discuss later:
Why I disagree with DovBear on the NYC Transit Strike, in case it wasn't clear the last two days - and why I think it's false that the strike is supported by most New Yorkers.

The Orthodoxy Test, also found through DovBear, which didn't surprise me too much but was pretty interesting.

A discussion with a friend on the attitudes toward Science & Torah.
I'll be back later, so... which do you want to hear about first? :)


  1. All of these are really exciting!

    Re Science and Torah, I recently read a very interesting article about Maimonides's views on that subject.

  2. LOL - Okay, I'll write about all of them. :)

  3. It just occured to me that I could write an "off the derech" quiz, like the Orthodoxy quiz, only this one for people, like me, who grew up Orthodox and then left... a measure of "how far off the derech are you?" (i.e., if you pray to Allah, you've gone too far...)

  4. LOL - You should! I wonder how most of us Orthodox would do... :)

  5. I suggested to Gil that we come up with a Halachic practice test.
    How many people honestly practice what they believe.

    I had surprising results of my test, although I wasnt surprised by my wifes results.

  6. I'm going to have to try it later. I'm having slow Internet issues... (hence the unformatted post above.)