Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 12/6

Now, a roundup of some of the good posts I've seen the last couple of days...

This picture applies a bit farther down. But I thought it was great - thanks, MNBlogger.

*New Blog*:
Beyond Teshuva, a blog by a number of Ba'alei Teshuva discussing issues facing BT's. An interesting contrast to BTA's OffTheDerech. (found thru GH and Gil)
Interestingly, I actually think BTA will like the new BT: It is a recognition of all the issues he faced, and while it is clearly in its beginning 'flesh out the issues' stage, it is doing a particularly good job of fleshing them out. Perhaps his own blog even helped bring this about.

EDIT: BTA has wished them well in an excellent post.

The Gabbai wants to know who you consider a Godol (great Jewish religious leader). Go there and submit.

Wolf feels that even the most "Kosher" internet will never be accepted by the extreme charedi communities.
Jameel has great video of the Latkes.
Robbie asks about forgiveness: Can things ever truly be the same?

Shoshana learns about a Hanukkah tree, and remembers why she doesn't like "holier-than-thou" people. She also notes some important people in her life - more people should be like them.
EditCopy rounds up some of the best out there as always. The Rush Limbaugh story on bottom is interesting (though slightly difficult to follow).

InterGalacticJester's Great Brendino gives another good reason why military recruiters should be allowed on campuses. There's a great story in the middle, as well. Excerpt:
So, preparing their banners and donning their headbands, mentally penning that evening's victory songs, they marched toward the quad, ready to do god-knows-what to this recruiter in order to force him off campus.
Jack's rightfully upset about the failing grades the 9/11 Commission is giving our preparedness levels.

Instapundit links to various explanations as to President Bush's rising approval ratings.

Malkin links to a story about the death-wish one soldier received from a crazy moonbat (child?), and has pictures of the card.
Nephtuli rips the Israeli Supreme Court for trying to block Gavison from joining it.

SoccerDad has an excellent post, noting Krauthammer's inconsistencies on Israel.

Tel-Chai Nation notes Netanyahu's smart swing to the right on security.

LGF sees some bias from the AP, who titled yesterday's bombing: Israeli Suicide Bomber Kills Five at Mall. He's also got pictures of the Palestinians celebrating.
DovBear is looking for sponsors for his blog... errr, his wife's birthday present.

Mirty has put up another post at CodeScripter: "SiteMeters, Stats, and Evolutionary Blogging". It's great for all those who don't have a sitemeter or statcounter - or if you do, but it's not SiteMeter. Plus, she agrees: Join TTLB! It's fun!

Romach's blog is picking up. Good for him.
Godol Hador discusses some issues with Kiruv, after Gil talks about it for a minute. Then he points out the obvious - also from the more succint Gil - that even the "divinely inspired" make mistakes.

LamedZayin questions why we grow up to understand that children's cartoons and fairies aren't real; but don't learn that our first-grade understanding of B'reishis is almost as flawed. He also just hit 10,000 pageviews. Congratulations!

Krum has a great post explaining a major flaw with the points and theories of Qvantam Qvetchers.
Basil looks at the wrongful activities of Falwell et al, who are taking this "War on Christmas" idea too far.
Check them out!

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  1. I had trouble following the Rush story as well. Hence, 1. copy and paste and 2. go to work.

    Thanks for the nod.

  2. You're welcome - and heh. Smart.

  3. the current US News and World Report has an interesting blurb on Sen. Ed Kennedy and his affection for blogs and bloggers. I dont know if its online.