Thursday, December 15, 2005

Featured Post on Technorati...

Weird... I've never seen this before. I noticed I was getting a bunch of hits at once, so I checked where they're coming from. [correction: only the last 3 hits were from here, apparently just a lot of people are reading my blog at the same time. Cool! :) ] Apparently, I'm the latest to blog about the most-discussed news story right now, so I'm featured on the Technorati homepage. It's a cool feature... and fitting, as I titled my post: "Top Story of the Day" [and led with] ...or at least it should be.

The most-discussed news story right now is:

A Lack of Violence as Iraqis Vote to Choose New Government -

[IMG ] ...or at least it should be. Thankfully, most news sources are reporting on this well. Sources: OpinionJournal's Best of the Web (including Reuters and Washington Post ), The New York Times, and the most interesting of them all, Pajamas Media - which has full coverage from on-the-site bloggers live-blogging from Iraq. CNN doesn't have any coverage on their homepage, even in the headlines, as of now.


  1. Apparently, that screen changes pretty often. It's already different... Which is good, because otherwise stupid people would try to post the latest link to whatever is a big story every time so they're featured.

  2. It's still impressive.

    How's your HH going?

  3. Haven't started it yet - I'm in Baltimore. I'm going to be spending a nice amount of time tomorrow afternoon on it, so you'll prob wake up to it Monday morning.