Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Video clips and submissions

Does anybody know how to post video clips on Blogger? I would love to put up some stuff. I remember seeing it on someone's blog a while back (Mirty?) but I can't remember who/when and I'm not keen on looking for a post that may not exist.

Next: People are always welcome to submit posts for my daily roundup. That does not necessarily mean they will be chosen, but to date I've used most of the posts people have submitted. This is especially good if you think you've written a great post and would really like others to read it, and perhaps comment/critique it. The email address is serandez at verizon dot net.

I've been asked why I do the roundups. There are a few reasons: I enjoy pointing out that which I think people will find interesting, or at least that I found interesting. The people who read them seem to think they're interesting as well, usually, so they like it; and the people who wrote the pieces are happy to have extra readers. Then there's the hope that more people will e-mail me submissions, which would allow me to see some of the best of the blogosphere every day that I otherwise would not see.

Thank you all very much!

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  1. We appreciate it!

    Re: video: I pay for a server where I store my videos/mp3s. I don't know if there's a place where you can post for free and which allows streaming. There's plenty of free storage out there, but usually there are bandwidth limitations which will shut off the site after a few people try to watch the flick.

  2. Thanks!

    And thanks - I've seen a few people with videos on their Blogger blogs, I wish I remembered who (not regular J-bloggers).

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