Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Honor Your Son's Memory...

...don't do things like this.
Pathetic. (via Political Teen & Lucianne)

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  1. Ezzie, you're a great guy and all, but please don't question her patriotism again. Ever.

  2. Looks like a doctored picture, to me.

    Typical of the right-wing slime machine.

  3. Lucianne says it's a Vanity Fair spread, which I don't read. Very right wing though.

  4. R2JB - Heh. :)

    CA - You're kidding, right?

  5. I don't understad. Why can't she lie on her own son's grave if it makes her happy?

    Bush is allowed to send her son off to get killed, but she's not allowed to honor his memory in the way she thinks best?

    Your values are screwed up.

  6. Nothing this woman has done has honored his memory. Nothing.

  7. In your eyes... why does she have to see the world through your eyes? Why does she have to think like you? Why can't you accept that her values, and your values might not coincide? Why can't you understand that she legitimately beleives that she is honoring her son's memory, and because she knows her son better than you, why can't you respect her?

    (I know the answer: It's because you're afraid respecting her means endorsing her position. You don't like her politics so in typical Republuican fasion you demonize her values.)

  8. DB, that's ridiculous. Lying on your son's grave for a photo-op? That's just tasteless.

  9. Lying about the war, torturing people, etc is pretty tasteless, too. Way to keep your eye on the big picture, Ezzie.

    (Also, I happen to think that a wake is tasteless. You leave the body unburied for a week, and them you gather to drink beer and sing songs with it right there in the room. Irish people disagree. It's possible that "lying on a grave" isn't so tasteless as you imagine. And all this talk of "tastelessness" isn't because you actually care, but because you want to discredit her agenda. In other words you're calling her tasteless so that more kids can get killed in Iraq. I think that's pretty tasteless, too.)

  10. Well, I agree with you on the wake.

    And how would lying on a grave - for a photo-op - not be tasteless?

    And I see - I want more kids to be killed. You know, like the leftist professor who said: "Real freedom will come when [U.S.] soldiers in Iraq turn their guns on their superiors." -- Warren County Community College adjunct English professor, John Daly We're exactly the same, uh huh.

  11. Just because Daly and Sheehan are nuts doesn't mean Bush has a clue as to what he is doing in Iraq or the rest of the middle east.

  12. I'm as patriotic as they come and I am incredibly opposed to what Sheehan is doing. That said: She lost her son, which can make people do crazy things. We should not judge her, nor should we demonize her. We should pity her and feel for a grieving mother who doesent know what to do.
    To be clear: Her actions her wrong, but you have to understand where they are coming from.
    Until someone is in her shoes, GOD FORBID, we can't speak.

  13. Just curious, are sneakers considered proper ettiquette in a cemetary?...Anybody?

  14. >G said...
    >Just curious, are sneakers >considered proper ettiquette in a >cemetary?...Anybody?

    No, they are not. Neither is lying on a grave for that matter.

  15. Wakes are flipping weird. No argument there, and I am Irish-American. It's really an Irish-American tradition to get drunk for funerals, not from the motherland.

  16. Charlie - whether I agree or not, it's still pretty weird to lie on a grave for a photo-op.

    Reb Abe - Sorry, I have to disagree somewhat. Obviously it's sad and we cannot relate to losing a child; but that does not therefore make everything she does okay. We understand quite well where her actions are coming from: Being surrounded with people who are more interested in exploiting her for politics than to help her grieve.

    G, Anon - Funny, but sad.

    CE - Heh. :)