Thursday, December 08, 2005

JIB Awards!!

(Hat tip: Life of Rubin)

Israelly Cool has said that the JIB awards are coming soon... Here's the beginning of his post:
For the second year running, I am proud to present to you the JIB Awards.
The word JIB, besides being an acronym for Jewish and Israeli blog, also represents the small triangular sail of a sailboat, as compared to the main sails. The jib's role is to direct the wind into the main sail, just like a role of Jewish, Israeli, and pro-Israel bloggers is to direct world opinion in favor of Israel. And to really stretch the metaphor, the object of these awards is to direct new readers towards Jewish, Israeli, and pro-Israel blogs.
While weblog awards of this kind mean little in the grand scheme of things, they are a fun way to increase blog readership, and, in the case of the JIB Awards, promote Jewish, Israeli, and pro-Israel blogs.
This year, the Jerusalem Post has agreed to join in on the fun... Can't wait!

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