Friday, December 09, 2005

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 12/9

Still learning to cut down a bit...

But I'm getting better. Here is tonight's roundup:

*Post[s] of the Day*
Shifra of AskShifra asks us for our prayers and support for her brother, who underwent serious heart surgery today. Thank God he made it through - Refuah Shleimah [Full Healthy Recovery] to (the now) Rephael Chaim Ozer Yisroel ben Basya Yocha.
I can't believe I left this out at first. (Hat tip: DovBear) MOChassid and his wife and family are doing an incredible chesed (whether he wants to hear it or not). Yiasher Kochachem. Read The Baby, Parts 1, 2, 3, & 4.
Shoshana not only celebrates her birthday, but her 500th post! Congratulations!! As always, she adds some poignant thoughts in her words, as well. What kind of footprints will you leave?

Chaim tells us why he blogs.
CWY notes the appreciation law students have for their teachers. Again. And again. Heart-warming.
UN/Red Cross:
SoccerDad condemns the UN, but notes the improving US presence there - thanks in part to John Bolton.

Batya still muses that Israel should pull out of a body which so hates Israel.

Speaking of which, Robbie joins the blogging about the Red Cross fiasco.
Orthomom (and OrthoDad) have a rough, awkward evening out.

Ifyouwillit is back home in Israel, and is quite happy.
New York:
Tel-Chai notes just how easy it is to get a fake ID here - scary.
Check it out! (See, a little better!)

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  1. The 'round the world tehillim campaign for Shifra's brother was probably one of the meaningful uses I've seen of the JBlogsphere.

    May he be zocheh to a Refuah Shelayma, and we be zocheh to use blogging to advance the positive things in life.