Tuesday, December 13, 2005

JIB Awards 2005: Ezzie's Nominees, Part I

*Quick note* I stated in an earlier post that seconding nominations seems like a great idea. I must have skimmed the 2nd paragraph of the rules earlier, because it asks not to double-nominate people. I apologize.

Since it's quite late, I'm only going to discuss a couple of categories for now.

Best Overall Mega-Blog:
I'm really not sure how many, if any, Jewish blogs fit into this category. The closest is the obvious Little Green Footballs, who is a huge Israel Advocacy Blog. But he has no competition whatsoever. Ezzie's Nominees: Little Green Footballs.
Best Podcast:
I've never heard a single J-blogger do a podcast; I've seen IsraellyCool and Hirhurim do, and Jack has something similar. Other than that... no clue. Ezzie's Nominees: None.
And, it's off to bed. To be continued!! Meanwhile, feel free to kiss up for nominations and future votes! You never know, you might just convince me...

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