Monday, December 19, 2005


(Hat tip: Memphis)

I wasn't planning on blogging until much later today, due to Haveil Havalim, but I saw this and felt I had to post it.

From a friend's away message:
If only everyone had the ability to find and focus in on that elusive beacon of light peircing through the clouds of confusion... how much less time would one consume sifting through that which is the rubble of disarray? Accordingly, attempting to piece together a perfect puzzle with incomplete information, is by definition, impossible.


  1. What a mOronic message. I could only wonder who's it is. Ezzy, quoting the default away message would have been better.
    "I am away from my computer right now."
    Now thats a post-worthy away message that'll get you hits for ur blog!

  2. I agree. The statement makes no sense, unless I am missing something. How does the second sentence (that piecing together the truth with incoplete information is impossible) follow from the first (that the "beacon of light" would make the discovery of truthe easier)?

    It is also rather badly written. (Say "through that the rubble of disarray" rather than "through that which is the rubble of disarray").

  3. LOL guys. Anon - you know, you could sign in as Memphis. :)

    And it should be "the rubble of disarray" and "piercing" - but we always knew people from the South can't write. ;)

  4. Who the hell can talk with a name like "MOO." What are we, a cow? Jesus, were you raised in a barn? Didnt your israeli mother tell you to close the door after you open it? And not drink spoiled milk? Speechless? Yea, I thought so, damnit. Oh and dont even get me started on the name McNeuffeulfnd. For the love of all thats holy. You freakin mOron.

  5. ROTFLMAO. And typing at the same time.

  6. good lord. maybe you flamers should find something better to do than bash each other on a blog.. and only on the comments section at that. go play some pzzokr or something. oh wait its blocked.

    so what time we leaving for the woods tonight?