Thursday, December 08, 2005

Liberals Out of Control

Via the Political Teen, whose video this is as well:

This is pretty sick.
Ann Coulter gave a speech tonight — or at least attempted to — at the University of Connecticut. She was met with loudmouth liberals who held up signs like the one above that compared her to Hitler and the Nazis. Coulter said she was unable to complete her speech because of a loud “boom box” being playing while she was speaking. Gee, I wonder if Cindy Sheehan, who spoke earlier this month at UCONN, got a similar reception.
Click here for video.

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  1. I taught at the University of Connecticut for six years -- and for three years my office was directly across the street where Ann Coulter spoke. I consider her opinions to be revolting and I am sure she considers me a traitor to this great country.

    But the treatment she received is revolting. It is also suprising. When I was there, UConn was mainly known for parties, drinking, and basketball. Students were politically apathetic at best.

    This, however, is not an improvement. As revolting as her ideas are, as unwilling as she is to consider me a legitimate opinion, she is not a Nazi and does not deserve to be treated a such. I condemn the actions of the people who prevented her from speaking.

  2. Thanks, Charlie. I'm not sure she'd call you a "traitor", but I wouldn't be surprised if she did call you something. :)

    Personally, I think she's a great debater, whether or not one agrees with her. She brings solid facts to her arguments, at least the ones I've seen. That said, I didn't like a few articles she wrote a couple of months ago, which I thought were poorly argued.

  3. tsk tsk...
    you had a very relevant and valid point up until you played the cindy sheehan card.

  4. That was a quote from Political Teen... (hence the blockquote)

  5. Though, considering who Cindy's been hanging out with these days, it is an interesting double standard. Pillage Idiot. LGF.

  6. Cindy Sheehan's ideas are nuts. But I wouldn't try to break up her speech, either.

  7. Cindy Sheehan's ideas are nuts. But I wouldn't try to break up her speech, either.

    Of course not. Everyone is entitled to their opinins, no matter how stupid. Personally, I'd rather let her speak: Let those in the middle see her for what she is.

    I wonder how Michael Medved would respond to this. I'll ask him on Sunday.

    Seriously - I can't believe you're missing football just to give him a ride. If we lose.....!