Sunday, December 18, 2005

Haveil Havalim Anniversary Edition - Clarifications...

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Based on the e-mails I have received, there seems to be a bit of confusion over the upcoming Haveil Havalim. As noted, this will be the 1st Anniversary Edition of Haveil Havalim, and therefore SoccerDad (the founder and organizer of Haveil Havalim) has come up with a few ideas. There are 3 parts: History of Haveil Havalim, Special Memories from Haveil Havalim, and the actual Anniversary Edition.

History of Haveil Havalim:
SoccerDad has already posted the original story of how Haveil Havalim got started. I think it's fascinating when one thinks of how much it's grown in just one year: A Whispering Soul's MCAryeh hosted this week and included 112 posts (admittedly, that might be crazy). In addition, he's added a post listing HH's 3-17 and 18-32 plus the Tisha B'av Blogburst, so everyone should feel free to go and check some of those old editions out. HH's 33-48 will be coming soon are now up as well! Since SoccerDad is being too humble, here are the links for the Haveil Havalim numbers one (complete with intro and rules!) and two.
Special Memories of Haveil Havalim:
Everyone has likely experienced the discovery of a new blog through Haveil Havalim, and perhaps even remembers a specific post they found through Haveil Havalim that really stuck out at them. Please submit any of these to SoccerDad at dhgerstman at hotmail dot com. He plans on putting these up next Monday, after the Anniversary Edition is posted.
Haveil Havalim Anniversary Edition:
Everything here should be submitted to me at serandez at verizon dot net. We're looking for:
1) Your normal entries for Haveil Havalim.

2) Posts of yours from one year ago (approx. Dec '04 - Jan '05), so we can see what you were blogging about then and what you are blogging about now.

3) Since many of us, such as myself, were not blogging a year ago, perhaps your very first post (or thereabouts) or a post about why you started blogging. Even those who have been blogging over a year can submit a post like this - I think it would be quite fascinating.
Thank you so much! Looking forward to even more of your e-mails.
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  1. Thanks for clarifying, sorry for muddying the waters.
    FWIW, no one's sent me their recollections ... yet.

  2. It's a bit tricky, admittedly - I can't remember who I've found through HH, but I know there have been a bunch.

  3. Could you elaborate a bit on "normal entries"? I am still relatively new to the blogosphere.

  4. Normal entries for Haveil Havalim include posts that you think are worthwhile of inclusion in a Jewish & Israel roundup. This can also include posts that may be of importance to Jews even if not directly related. I'd suggest checking out previous HH's for good examples: There's one in my "Best Of" to the left, as well.

  5. I just sent a whole bunch of oldie's from my various blogs. And I had been sending what I thought were good from this week. Now you want "what HH means to me?"

  6. Muse - we're very demanding :)

    And thanks for all the submissions so far!

  7. I just sent Ezzie a bunch of my posts from Dec of 04 and now I'm depressed because I think those were much better than the crap I'm turning out now.

  8. Aww, PT... I don't think so - the one for this week had me rolling! :)

  9. Hi Ezzie,

    Did you receive the links I sent over?

  10. I'm not sure - I don't think so. If I didn't email you back, then probably not. Then again, I've gotten over 100 emails the last couple days, so perhaps I just skipped past it somehow...