Monday, December 12, 2005

JIB Awards 2005: Nominations Open!!

IsraellyCool has posted the 16 categories which make up the JIB Awards (Jewish Israeli Blogging Awards).
Nominations are now open for the following categories:
Can't wait... iyH later I will post my own feelings on each category, though there are already so many posts and blogs that come to mind for different categories. I only wonder how much of a blog has to focus on Jewish or Israeli subjects to be eligible.

Meanwhile, start submitting suggestions!! ;)

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  1. I thin kthey should have made 2 seperate categories for the "Politics and Current Affairs" blog - one should be for Jewish issues, and another for Israel - it's too broad as it is...

  2. what??? no category for best palestininan israliei blog under occuption in ramalla???

    rotten zionists! grumble grumble.

  3. I think they wanted to limit the categories... otherwise there would only be a couple nominees in certain categories.

    Jameel - LOL.