Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Sports Guy, Bill Simmons

Every once in a great while, the always funny Bill Simmons, aka The Sports Guy, blows me away. Last night was one of those times, as I read through his analysis of all the teams in the NBA. I'd just read his NFL picks for this past week, which were funny enough, but this NBA article had me falling out of my chair.

Check it out.

Oh, you want an excerpt? Here's a paranthetical comment:
Classic moment in the second game of the season: Blount makes a jumper with 0.8 seconds remaining to put the Celtics up by one. The crowd goes crazy. Pierce jumps on Blount, knocks him over and then everyone else pig piles on them. Meanwhile, the Pistons are watching this whole thing unfold and thinking, "Um, we still have one second left and Rip Hamilton's on our team." So they call timeout, set up the picket-fence play for Rip -- somewhere, Dennis Hopper was smiling -- and Rip curls around the double screen and sinks a wide-open jumper. Ball game. And then he did the thing where he skips around holding the letters of his jersey out.

(The lesson, as always: Don't pull that crap with the Detroit Pistons.)

And that's not even one of the really funny parts.

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