Monday, December 12, 2005

Haveil Havalim Anniversary Announcement

As I mentioned yesterday, this coming week I will have the distinct honor of hosting the first anniversary Haveil Havalim, the Jewish/Israel blogging carnival. Soccer Dad, who first started Haveil Havalim, has a post today that gives a little hostory of Haveil Havalim, in addition to some requests for this week's Haveil Havalim. It's a wonderful idea, and I think it will be a fun Haveil Havalim to put together.

I'm going to put up some of the requests, though I highly recommend going to Soccer Dad and reading the history - it's quite interesting to see how a carnival with such small roots could result in an edition such as yesterday's by MCAryeh of A Whispering Soul which had 112 links!!

Okay, and now what we're looking for in this week's nominations for Haveil Havalim:
1) Your normal entries for Haveil Havalim.

2) Posts of yours from one year ago (approx. Dec '04 - Jan '05), so we can see what you were blogging about then and what you are blogging about now.

3) Since many of us, such as myself, were not blogging a year ago, perhaps your very first post (or thereabouts) or a post about why you started blogging. Even those who have been blogging over a year can submit a post like this - I think it would be quite fascinating.
As Soccer Dad said, thank you to all the readers who have made Haveil Havalim a success, and thank you to all the readers - we hope you enjoy and keep coming back for more.

UPDATE: Since many of the readers of this post are coming through external links, they aren't seeing the Submissions post above. That's fine... E-mail your submissions here, please. [SerandEz at verizon . net] Thanks!

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  1. Last December, the big controversy was over shehitah pactices:

    I also blogged about mixed dancing:

    I gave up my pseudonym:

    And I think this post on women's ordination is worth noting:

  2. It's in the top post, submissions... please e-mail! Thanks!

  3. Okay, sorry - I realize now that a lot of people are getting here through links. I have updated the post.