Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Teach DovBear Economics

I haven't had time to post today, because I've been spending time over at DovBear. His intentions are very nice, but he seems to not understand the economics involved in the NYC transit strike. Read through the comments section, it's a really good debate over there. (Primarily DB, myself, CWY, Nephtuli, Moishe Potempkin.)

Check it out!


  1. Good luck on your exam! I read through the whole "debate" (one-sided, since clearly the other side hasn't taken a single class in microeconomics), and was too angry to leave a comment. A suggestion: perhaps next time someone, knowing who they are dealing with, should copy out precise definitions of basic terms and paste them inside the debate. That would eliminate much confusion and misunderstanding. Well, it's pretty obvious who won the debate! (It wasn't DovBear)

  2. Thanks!

    And LOL. It's too hard to put a textbook in a comment...

    DovBear knows a lot about many subjects, particularly history. Economics is just not his field.

  3. Anyone who reads through the debate will see you don't have the slightst idea of what basic economic terms mean including "free market" and "regulation." The suggestion that I don't know economics is laughable; unfortunately I can't prove just how funny it is without unmasking so just take my word for it.

  4. So far, a number of different people have remarked that your economic knowledge is clearly deficient. Perhaps, we're wrong, and it's just extremely biased - but you're definitely way to the left of the standard economic thinking of today.

  5. Having had better things to do today than argue about things I don't know about, I still found the reading on DB's blog to be extremely entertaining.

    God willing I'll post some serious Torah thoughts on the subject by tomorrow afternoon.

  6. David - Check out the other transit link of mine, his article is already linked to there.