Sunday, December 18, 2005

NFL Picks Week 15

Whoops! Forgot to put these up earlier...

Here's my picks this week - so far, about half the pool is 3-0, though I have already earned 27 points, which puts me 6th of 25 guys.

My picks in bold, home team in CAPS.

Tb 3 NE W
Kc 9 NYG W
W Den 15 Buf
Nyj 10 MIA W
Phi 2 STL L
L Ari 5 HOU
W Sea 14 TEN
Sd 13 IND L
W Car 12 NO
Sf 16 JAC W
W Pit 6 MIN
W Cin 7 DET
Cle 11 OAK L
Dal 1 WAS W
Atl 8 CHI W
Gb 4 BAL

This was easily one of the hardest weeks. If you're new to this, I use the Aikman Ratings, and then add 9 ratings points to the home team. Usually the closest games are under a 10-point difference, with the blowouts being about a 40-60 point differential. This week, only one game (Jacksonville) was over 23; I believe 7 or 8 were 6 or less; and 3 games had a differential of less than 1. Twice the differences were exactly the same (Giants & Dolphins, Bengals & Steelers), so I had to choose which one to go with. So far, so good... but this is a week that will really shake up the standings. Hopefully, that will work out well for me!

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  1. Hey Ezzie, how about those Giants?

  2. Ah, my weekly comment from Ze'ev about his Giants... I must say - I was surprised that it came out that high on the Giants - they must be better than I thought. That run by Tiki for the first TD was sick!

  3. Haven't seen it yet, but it sounded good on the radio...