Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 12/20

It's been a while, but the roundup is back! Haveil Havalim covered me for a while, anyway.

*Post of the Day*
Mirty, no contest. Check out Fire & Water.
Why we have Haveil Havalim:
So this happens. (Romach)
Humor & Israel:
Jameel thinks Israelis need more chocolate, while AussieDave thinks Sharon needs less of everything.

Krum wonders what he gets if he doesn't get the answer he wants.

SoccerDad has a nice family portrait - though it's missing one...
Rants & Raves:
RenReb on the shidduch issue, Part IV - though she's calmed a bit. :)

Life-of-Rubin on Larry King vs. Donald Trump. If not for Mirty, this would be Post of the Day... and Trump wins this one in a knockout.

JewishBlogMeister on Iran, whose foreign minister is now saying that the #2's comments that the Holocaust never happened is an academic subject to be discussed. Sickos.

SerandEz (that's me!) on the transit strike. Links to others on the strike at the end.

Dennis Prager, via S.I.L., on being called an "Uncle Jake" (which is not a nice term).
Check it out!

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