Saturday, December 24, 2005

Battle of the Bands!

Lander is hosting a Battle of the Bands! Right now, in fact - 11 bands (YU, Lander, Chofetz Chaim, Ohr HaChaim, Shar Yoshuv... maybe others?). If you're anywhere near Kew Gardens Hills, and you're male, come check it out! I'm going there now - maybe I'll post about it later.

75-31 150th Street if you're interested (4th floor).


  1. hey ezzie why didnt my mustache make your blog?

  2. they are copying yu but not letting it be a social event so trying to be frummer than yu

  3. Haha! Your mustache may make it elsewhere in the blog... :)

    Charlie - Lander College for Men is for... well, men. The previous commenter was essentially correct: They do not want it to be a social event with co-ed mingling, so they made it for men only.

    For those of us who are married, this was a bit annoying, but it's their decision...