Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Perfect Chanukah Present for DovBear

(via Malkin)

Six Meat Buffet has the perfect present for all your favorite liberals. Today, he's showcasing Stratego for Democrats!

When you play traditional Stratego, do you furrow your brow at where to place your high ranking officers? Do you gnash your teeth over how best to protect your flag? Stratego for Democrats relieves you of these worries.

Just like congressional Dim-O-Cracks work in consort with the mainstream press to tie our troops hands in combat, your hands are tied from the very beginning with Stratego for Democrats! All you’ve got are low ranking game pieces and a lot of white flags that you’ve got no way to protect.

Heh. Check out the whole thing.

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  1. Too bad, but I believe that the Vietnam War was lost under a Republican Administration. But, come to think of it, did we really "lose" the Vietnam war? After all, Vietnam is now providing cheap labor for global capitalism.

    So this post is silly.

  2. CA - do you know what a joke is?